Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Persiano Furniture Outlets opens in Rockville (Photos)

The long-running saga of the vacant Chicken Out building on Rockville Pike is over. After a mysterious restaurant known as Zhang raised hopes of hungry passing drivers for several years, only to move out before even opening, the building sat empty for nearly two more years. But now, a new tenant has taken over.

Persiano Furniture Outlets has opened at 1560 Rockville Pike, and also has a decent selection of lighting fixtures in addition to furniture.


  1. This is just another of those pop-up discount furniture stores that appear infrequently throughout the area. In this location it acts as a temporary filler for that center which will, sooner than later, be redeveloped in its entirety. There merchandise looks like Trump housing rejects.

  2. This structure is actually historical. It was originally a Merrill's Hamburger stand. This predated McDonald's in MontCo in the late 1950s. Its architectural signature was 2 big red neon "M's" on each side of the building. There is an aerial photograph from about 1959 on the NETR Online site where the shadow from the big M's are clearly visible.

  3. Not clear to the naked eye in those grainy photos.