Saturday, January 25, 2020

Celebrate Lunar New Year at Montgomery Mall today, Sunday and Feb. 8, 2020

Today is the day of the Chinese New Year, the Lunar New Year. Check out these decorations and messages at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, celebrating the Year of the Rat.

Stop by Godiva on Level 2. They have a special Chinese New Year edition box of chocolates, in varying sizes, with Lunar New Year red ribbons on the packaging. There is also a Godiva limited-edition box that features the Godiva chocolates most popular in Asia. Macy's is selling a Lunar New Year t-shirt. And purchasers of more than $200 in Crystal Living merchandise at Swarovski will receive a free Year of the Rat ornament.
The Young Artist Music Society will perform traditional and contemporary Chinese pieces on Level 1 of the Nordstrom wing today, Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 12:00-2:00 PM.

Continue the celebration tomorrow, January 26, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM with traditional Chinese performances by the Cathay School, and a red envelope decorating activity. Check inside your envelope to see if you got any special surprises. RSVP online.
Kids can then join representatives of the KID Museum between 1:00 and 3:00 PM to create their own dragon puppets (while supplies last).

But this weekend won't be the end of the celebration - head back to the mall on Saturday, February 8, from 6:00-8:00 PM for a 2-hour performance by the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center. Here's the full schedule:

6:00 PM Dragon Dance CCACC Youth Dragon Dance Team  龍隊遊行  中心青少年龍隊
6:10 PM Chinese Folk Dance CLAPS Chinese Dance  民族舞蹈  歡樂中文學校民族舞蹈班
6:20 PM Kung-Fu Fan Sweet Dew Refreshing the Earth Martial Arts Health Dance Society 功夫扇  甘露普潤  大華府養生武舞學社
6:30 PM Dancing, Singing, Rumba CCACC Evergreen Rockville 民族舞、唱歌、倫巴  洛城常青社
6:40 PM Yuan Chi Dance Yuan Chi Research Society 元極舞  華府元極學研究社
6:50 PM Folk Dance "Splendid China" Madison Chinese Dance Academy 錦繡中華  陌地生舞蹈學院
7:20 PM The Melodies of Guzheng & Calligraphy CCACC Guzheng Club  書法古箏賀元宵  美京華人活動中心古箏社
7:40 PM Martial Arts United States Wushu Academy  武術表演  美國武術學院
8:00 PM Lion Dance CYC Lion Troupe  舞獅  青年社舞獅隊


  1. It would be really great if you go and report back live.

  2. The sad fact is that virtually ALL Lunar New Year celebrations in China have been canceled due to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Many Lunar New Year celebrations here in the U.S. have also been canceled, due to concerns of infected people returning from mainland China. There are currently discussions at CCACC and CCCAA to cancel all local Lunar New Year celebrations in Montgomery County. IF the City of Rockville goes ahead with its Lunar New Year celebrations at Rockville High School on February 1st, there is a high probability that it will be poorly attended. Hopefully, no one will come down with the coronavirus by attending a Rockville sponsored event.

  3. I'm curious to know the difference in commercial rents for Ivy City versus those for Bethesda Row and Woodmont Triangle. That would be useful information to have for a discussion of the moribundity or vivibundity of our region's nightlife. I'm sure a good reporter like Robert Dyer could find that for his readers.

  4. 2:44pm = anonymous tough guy


  6. Dear Robert, It is very sad that you had to turn off comments for now, but I completely understand why you had to do it. As far as your most recent post about the Mayor and Council travel policy, there may have been abuses at the county, state or federal level, but there has been no hint of abuses by the Rockville Mayor and Council. Also, you should definitely be in attendance tonight at the Rockville Election review gathering. It may be VERY interesting.

  7. "Montgomery County Councilmember Hans Riemer was found to have received compensation for travel to private meetings with his campaign donors, and requested - and received - compensation from taxpayers for a campaign-style website"

    Riemer requested reimbursement for all of $18.58 for driving expenses for meetings with two constituents in public places. Hardly Mar-A-Lago.

    "Riemer...requested - and received - compensation from taxpayers for a campaign-style website"

    Love your nasty bit of innuendo there, Dyer. You had to say "campaign-style website" because it's not actually a campaign website, it is his official Councilmember's website, which he uses to communicate with the residents of Montgomery County, for which he was requesting reimbursement for registering the domain on It is as active today as it was during the election a year and three months ago.

    I note that Robert Dyer's articles on both subjects were accompanied by a weirdly Photoshopped image of Riemer, showing Riemer's eyebrows removed and his eyeglasses distorted.

    1. 4:15: WRONG. I say "campaign-style" website because it has no clear definition or purpose other than to promote his political career.

      It is definitely NOT his "official" council website, as he and each of the other councilmembers already have that on the Council site. He also has his official campaign site. This is a secondary site that is redundant to both of the others, and is promoting the candidate at taxpayer expense. That is illegal, old sport.

      So were the reimbursements for travel to private meetings with his campaign donors.

      You appear to know little to nothing about campaign finance law, so you are in no position to comment on the matter. 50 cents or 50K, it makes no difference.

      The picture is most certainly not Photoshopped. You must be hallucinating, old sport.

  8. Dyer’s obsession with Riemer is disturbing. Instead of doing something positive with his life Dyer can’t let go of his white whale. Dyer blames Riemer for all of his failures when in fact Dyer’s failures are all his own fault.
    Dyer used to have a somewhat interesting restaurant blog but now all it is is a cyber soapbox where he vents his frustrations with his narrow and limited life.

    1. 5:01: I've never blamed Riemer for any of my failures. No clue what you're talking about. Is Josh "Double Buffet" Dawsey "obsessed" with Donald Trump, or is he just holding an elected official accountable? I look forward to your answer, Comrade.

    2. Robert has never had any failures
      Heil Dyer. Only he will protect the Father Land

    3. "Waa waa waa whatabout Josh Dawsey"

      Love Dyer's lame attempts at diversion.

  9. Robert, Again, I get it as to why you have turned off comments on posts after this. Some of the inane comments on this post demonstrate why you were compelled to turn comments off. Your blog is one of the few places in Rockville, where people can express their views or even provide inside information, both by name and anonymously. If possible, please turn comments back on. You can use the "Comments pending moderator approval" feature. This would prevent the crap we see from some trolls ever going public. Thanks.

  10. Robert, please turn on comments, which will only post after you approve them. You and I agree to some things and disagree on others. You provide a value service and a needed forum for citizens. I strongly dislike the trolls, almost as much as you do. Moderated comments would prevent their garbage from ever seeing the light of day. Not being able to spew all over your blog, they will soon stop trying (but keep the moderated comments turned on).