Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Rockville city water meets or exceeds federal quality standards in latest test

The City of Rockville's drinking water met or exceeded all federal quality standards in 2021, the latest test results show. In addition, operators at the City's water treatment plant received the Director's Award for the eighth consecutive year, for actively monitoring and ensuring protective levels of chlorine and corrosion control that keep lead and copper from distribution pipes from ending up in drinking water. This voluntary extra level of monitoring is part of the City's participation in the Partnership for Safe Water.

“The award recognizes the competence of the city’s water plant operators and their desire to go beyond regulatory standards to achieve the highest water quality for Rockville’s water customers,” Rockville Director of Public Works Craig L. Simoneau wrote in a letter introducing the report. “This requires considerable effort by the operational staff of the water plant. It is the staff’s expertise, dedication and passion that make this award possible.”

That dedication was tested this past year, as employees at the plant were forced to relocate their workspaces to corridors and other confined spaces at the facility. This was to allow for major plant upgrades, while keeping safe drinking water flowing through city pipes uninterrupted around the clock. That work is expected to be completed by early 2023.

These employees play among the most important roles in the city, even as they work at a site near the Potomac River where few residents will likely ever see them. The City of Rockville provides clean drinking water to 70% of the city, totaling 13,000 billed accounts and 52,000 members of the community. WSSC serves the remainder of the city's residents and businesses.

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