Saturday, July 23, 2022

Car stolen from Rockville townhome

Montgomery County police responded to a report of a stolen car at a Rockville townhome community yesterday morning. The vehicle was reported stolen from a residential parking lot in the 14900 block of Forest Landing Circle, off Muddy Branch Road. It is believed the vehicle was stolen sometime between 10:00 PM Thursday and 10:00 AM on Friday.

Photo courtesy Google Maps


  1. Crime seems to be escalating in Montgomery County & Nationwide too! You can't go to church, a movie, a concert, a parade, a grocery store, or a shopping mall! I don't want to live in fear! I long for the Good Old Days! Something needs to be done! I wish I had the answers! To much hate & violence in the World 🌎! I think people are forgetting that God is watching from above! Peace ✌️☮️ & Love ❤️

    1. There’s a pandemic. Stay home instead, you can worship from your closet.