Friday, July 29, 2022

Èkó House grand opening weekend in Rockville

Èkó House
, the new pan-African restaurant at 150 Gibbs Street at Rockville Town Square, will host a grand opening celebration this weekend. A ribbon-cutting will be held this afternoon at 5:00 PM. Guests at the ribbon-cutting will include Will Jawando, Montgomery County Council Member; Marji Graf, President & CEO, Rockville Chamber of Commerce; Ricky Barker, Director, Community Planning and Development Services; and Cindy Rivarde, Director, Rockville Economic Development Inc., among others.  

The main event will be Saturday night, July 30, 2022 with live performances by Afropop star SimiIsaac Gerald, and the Ayo Band between 7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. Tickets start at $75 and can be purchased in advance online.  “As one of the few Nigerian restaurants in the DMV, we are excited to share the richness of Nigeria’s culture and cuisine with the Rockville community,” Yomi Ajao, co-founder, Èkó House said in a statement. “We want the community and the greater region to experience Èkó (Lagos), here in Rockville, Maryland. Rockville Town Square offers an array of culinary offerings, and we are thrilled that Èkó House is now an option.”  


  1. Very disappointing experience. I was looking forward to spending time here and trying the food but they were so dismissive and disrespectful towards me. I got there at 3:30 pm because website says 12 pm on Sunday they are open. I arrive and was told they don't open until 5pm. There was nothing on in their social media or website that says that. Instead of honoring my displeasure by apologizing and accommodating me somehow, they made a bunch of excuses, told me they didn't need my business and then closed the door in my face. It was hurtful and painful experience that broke my heart and a missed opportunity on their part given it was my first time there and took an Uber. No matter how much I expressed this, they did not care. Glad to take my hard-earned money elsewhere. With horrible management that lacks compassion and empathy, the food can never be good. That place lacks heart and love. Visit at your own risk.

  2. Hello!
    At Èkó House, we pride ourselves in selflessly working to ensure every customer has a great experience. We accomplish this through respect for our customers and expect it be reciprocated.

    We were sincerely apologetic, and shared with you that we would not open until 5pm due to a pre planned event that made us deviate from our usual operating hours. Although we do not agree with your approach, we do understand your concerns. Management worked to find a reasonable and fair resolution to your concerns.

    We recommend to our patrons that reservations are highly encouraged to prevent any miscommunication’s. We understand that issues such as these arise, and we always look to make things right. We are also confident in our staff. We trust and support all of their decisions as we know they are all professional and ethically sound. We encourage you to approach this with understanding.

    We are always welcoming to our customers who exemplify kindness, respect and support. Stay well!

    Èkó House Management.