Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Police respond to assault outside 7-Eleven in Rockville

Montgomery County police were called to a 7-Eleven store in the Twinbrook area of Rockville Sunday evening, after a 2nd-degree assault was reported in the parking lot there. The assault was reported at the convenience store in the 13200 block of Atlantic Avenue at 7:35 PM.


  1. Most likely winos or vagrants.

  2. That store is not even visible from Twinbrook Parkway. Only folks in the neighborhood and those that "know" about it go there.

  3. I've gone to that Twinbrook 7-11 since 1978 this is nothing new back then it was hippies then what was called "The Kingdom" and yes its a variety of various races and each has had scuffle a stabbed man a 7-11 ended up in my front lawn late at night no doubt from a drunked brawl. I still feel safe its a different era different kinds and people participating the common denominator seems to be alcohol and some who you associate with

    1. That is a great story and some really great information, I've never heard of "The Kingdom ".However, I don't think there is any doubt that Rockville is seeing more crime than anytime in its history. I do understand that there has been crime before, but never like this.