Tuesday, July 19, 2022

New signage added for Ripieno's, JoJo's at Burger King in Rockville

Ripieno's Italian Bistro and JoJo's Express have been operating in the newly-renovated Burger King at 16004 Shady Grove Road since April. Now they also have lit signage on the facade of the restaurant, which is at the border of Rockville and Gaithersburg. The branding is all over the place at the property, with Ripieno's referred to in different places as "Ripieno's Italian Bistro," "Ripieno's of Ocean City" and now "Ripieno's Express" on the new sign outside. This is still the best Burger King in Montgomery County, now with Ocean City's increasingly-famous giant Ripieno's pizza, which is beginning to get shoutouts from tourists in their reviews of the resort city.

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