Saturday, July 30, 2022

Spirit Halloween returning to Rockville for 2022

Spirit Halloween
will once again open a seasonal store in Rockville for Halloween 2022. It will be in the former Pier 1 space at the Pike Center, at 12137 Rockville Pike. A tour of Spirit Halloween has become a Halloween activity and tradition in itself. New animatronics this year include Lord Raven, Bog Zombie, Monty the crazed cymbal-wielding monkey, Lucky Bottoms, Bag o'Bones, and Nozzles the Clown.


  1. I really like this store.They always have good Halloween supplies!

  2. Great. All Rockville can attract to their premier corridor is a pop-up Halloween store. Most impressive....

    1. To be fair, there is a Wegmans under construction.