Thursday, July 28, 2022

Historic Chinese supermarket building demolished in Rockville (Photos)

Wow, that was fast. The historic building most recently home to Meixin Supermarket is literally just a pile of rubble now at 460 Hungerford Drive in Rockville. While the building did not receive historic designation from the City of Rockville after a contentious review, it was designed by famed and award-winning local architect John "Jack" Sullivan. The site will now become the location of a Chase bank branch with drive-thru.


  1. Been closed for 10 years. Empty. In the middle of Rockville. What is wrong with Rockville City government? No wonder Town Center is also failing......

  2. The pink bank building and this would have been nice pieces to preserve from that era. But Rockville's downtown is bulldozed once again.

  3. Rockville Town Square looks like a late USSR village. Nothing left there but seasonal ice rink and library. All this progress brought to you by the dimwits and dyed in wool leftists that inhabit Monroe Street.

    1. Who on Monroe Street is responsible for the RTS or correctly RTC? Please inform us.

  4. Good riddance to that eyesore. The preservationists like Peerless are stifling the growth town center needs to thrive. This demolition is a victory for common sense. Wish we had something better than another bank branch, but that’s what the market will support.

  5. They did the same thing to College Gardens Shell that sat empty and fenced off for 15 years. Or the lot next to Snowden Funeral Home that has remained behind fence and tarp for 30 years. Not sure who on Monroe Street but something is rotten there for sre.