Friday, May 12, 2023

Oreo Frappe returns to McDonald's in Rockville

The Oreo Frappe has returned to the McCafe beverage menu at McDonald's. Originally released 7 years ago, it is scheduled to pop back up on menus nationwide May 17, 2023. But it appears to be arriving early here in Montgomery County. Check your local McDonald's location for this blend of mocha and coffee flavors, Oreo cookie pieces, and whipped cream, available for a limited time only.


  1. There are so many mcds in MoCo and in RkV so please specify which one. The one at White Flint? The one 1390 RkV Pike by Congressional Club? The one on Frederick Rd? The one on Veirs Milld Rd in Twinbrook? The 7 locks/cabin john one?

  2. This appeared three weeks ago at the McDonald's in the Tysons Corner Mall, so I don't think MoCo or Rockville got the jump on anyone. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    1. There's no bubble to burst. The article only said we got the frappe in MoCo ahead of the national release date, a statement of fact that was - and still is - true.