Monday, May 8, 2023

Rockville bear caught (Photos)

The black bear who wandered through Montgomery County, and decided to make Rockville its home, has been forcibly evicted from the city. According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the bear was caught ransacking a backyard beehive for honey last night. Wildlife personnel from the DNR captured the bear, and examined it, determining it was a 140 lb. male juvenile bear. 

With the assistance of Rockville City police, the bear was transferred into a bear trap cage, and loaded onto a pickup truck to be transported out of the area. Police say the bear was released outside of Montgomery County, but the DNR says it was released into a "more suitable habitat within the County" this morning.

Photos courtesy Maryland DNR/RCPD


  1. He was hunting for honey, like Pooh, but was done in by donuts.

  2. Thanks for keeping him safe

  3. Why is the bear's face covered?
    Why is the Rk City police saying one thing and the Maryland DNR saying another thiing/something else?

    WHERE is the bear sanctuary in MD? In the Agricultural Prreserve?
    It has to be upper MoCo where farms are right? Dickerson? Poolesville? Derwood? Olney? Sandy Spring ? Germantown? Clarksburg? Needsville? Damascus ?

    Google says there is a bear sanctuary in Laurel inn/at the Patuxent Research Center .

    It also says there is a bear sanctuary in Poolesville : Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary: animalsanctuary.or g/