Friday, May 19, 2023

Rockville Wegmans construction update, Twinbrook Quarter apartments branded "The Milton" (Photos)

The Wegmans grocery store-anchored Phase 1 building of B.F. Saul's Twinbrook Quarter development continues to progress towards completion at 1592 Rockville Pike. Among the latest news updates, the biggest is the revealed branding of the residential component of the building. The apartments are now being marketed as "The Milton." A new amenity for the building's residents has also been announced: a full-size, resort-style pool, with private cabanas.

Construction is now moving to the phase of applying the brick facade, which will utilize different colors of brick to add visual interest and define sections of the building. This can already be seen along the Chapman Avenue side of the property. Also outside, underground utilities are being installed, as are sidewalks, curbs, and traffic signals. 

Inside the building, interior wall studs, water and sewer pipes, mechanical ductwork and electrical systems are now being put into place. Ahead for the summer, installation of exterior walls and window glass will be two major projects. A 2024 delivery is anticipated for Wegmans and The Milton.


  1. This, and other large residential buildings will add thousands of more people to the 355 corridor, which means much more auto traffic on streets that already have too much automobile traffic.

  2. So then don't drive on 355. Problem solved. Saying people shouldn't live in an area because you want to drive through the neighborhood faster is selfish and asinine.

    1. It’s not really selfish. It’s about wanting the community to be livable. Coming from a place that went from farms and traffic to bumper to bumper from 6:30am-9:00am and 4:30pm-6:00pm, it’s partially about ensuring a community has the infrastructure for the anticipated growth. Do I agree with them that there isn’t room? No lol, this is an apartment complex next to a metro station—they will likely be taking metro half the time at least. But their concern isn’t selfish; it’s about good community planning. Where to put new housing and where to put parks, commercial establishments, etc. is a normal concern.

  3. Awww, the person above me is quite triggered.

  4. Did you ever think possibly people who would want to live in the new complex maybe they don't want to drive to work, may drive less than others, may not have a vehicle or a variety of reasons thats why they are choosing to live near the metro. Things change can't have farms everywhere.