Tuesday, May 2, 2023

DMV Iron Gym to open in Rockville

DMV Iron Gym
is expanding into Montgomery County. It will open a new facility at Federal Plaza in Rockville this fall, property owner Federal Realty announced Monday. DMV Iron Gym centers its training philosophy around three "pillars:" mindset, movement, and function. Classes and goals range from fitness and weight loss to athletic assessments and rehabilitation.

“For years, we’ve been hearing from our members that they would love to see us expand into Maryland," DMV Iron Gym owner Leo Williams said yesterday. "We were excited by the central location of Federal Plaza in Rockville, and look forward to bringing a state-of-the-art gym and training facility to Montgomery County.” 

The 16,000 square foot gym will open in September 2023. It will be located next to Micro Center.


  1. So Federal Plaza isnt going to be demolished and rebuilt as a ground level retail and apartments on top development?

    What space or spaces is this gym taking over?

    The back side of Federal plaza (back that faces Panera) is dead.

  2. There is a plan to take most of that parking lot in the back of Federal Plaza and fill in with apartments, shops, and indoor multi-level parking. I haven't seen any suggestion that Federal Plaza itself is going to be transformed. Though I have noticed recently that a number of shops in Federal Plaza have closed or move away. I've heard also that Panera Bread will be around for a bit longer because of their building lease.