Monday, May 22, 2023

Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond closing in Rockville

Buy Buy Baby
is closing its Rockville store at 1683 Rockville Pike, in the Congressional Plaza shopping center. A store-closing sale is underway. Savings are currently listed as being 20-40%-off storewide. All 122 Buy Buy Baby stores are closing as a result of parent company Bed Bath & Beyond's bankruptcy filing. 

Bed Bath & Beyond
just happens to be a neighbor of Buy Buy Baby at 1519 Rockville Pike at the Congressional North shopping center. It's having its own closing sale. The savings are - surprise! - 20-40%-off storewide, as well.


  1. The final chapters of the big box era of Rockville Pike? Best Buy and some large furniture stores are left... anything else? Target is deliberately hidden off the Pike for whatever reason with no signage.

    1. What would you have suggested for Target to displace in order to built their big box "on" the Pike? The available land for their store was not on the market. In your cursory analysis you failed to inventory Homesense, Bob's Discount Furniture, and The Home Depot Design Center. Sloppy, snarkiness appears to be your only virtue.

  2. The usual 20% discount doesn’t WOW me for a close out store… What is BBnB thinking???