Thursday, May 25, 2023

Rockville City Councilmember Mark Pierzchala enters 2023 race for mayor

Long-serving Rockville City Councilmember Mark Pierzchala is officially running for mayor in the 2023 City election. Pierzchala capped a career in government statistics expertise by running his own firm in that field from 2010 up through last year. His public service career in Rockville began with leadership roles in the College Gardens Civic Association, but he is now embracing apartment living in Rockville's struggling Town Center. 

The challenge of fixing Rockville Town Center is one of the major issues Pierzchala is highlighting in his election year agenda. A longtime supporter of transit-oriented development, he is advocating for affordable homes for younger residents and senior citizens. Pierzchala was one of the leading voices against the widening of I-270 during the intense debate over former Gov. Larry Hogan's Express Lanes proposal, which new Gov. Wes Moore appears to be tabling in favor of other transportation solutions. His agenda also refers to an issue that has often animated his discussions on the Council, that of the roles of elected officials versus the professional City staff.

Pierzchala's announcement kicks off the 2023 election season in Rockville. It's a good time to get ready to participate and vote in the City election. Are you registered to vote? If you are registered to vote in Maryland, and live in the City of Rockville, you are already eligble to vote in the Rockville election. If not, you can register online now.

This will be the second City election in which you will have the option to vote by mail. Ballots will be mailed to every registered voter in the City of Rockville on or before October 13, 2023. Return your postage-paid ballot by mail by 8:00 PM on November 7, 2023. Don't trust the USPS? You can drop your ballot off in the dropboxes located in the parking lot of City Hall or Montrose Community Center.

Still prefer to vote the old-fashioned way? There will be two places to vote in-person on Election Day, November 7, 2023: Rockville City Hall and the Thomas Farm Community Center.

Do you want to run for Mayor or Council yourself? All the information you need is on the City's Running for Office webpage. The deadline to submit your nominating petition (which requires signatures from at least 100 City residents who are eligible, registered voters - Hint: get more than 100) is September 8, 2023. Rockville's Mayor and Councilmembers now serve 4 year terms.

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