Friday, February 27, 2015


Howard, the Twinbrook Safeway cashier dubbed the "World's Best Cashier" by his regular customers and fans, is back on the job. Those customers rallied behind him after he was mysteriously let go by the store for no apparent reason recently. Letters, emails, a union grievance hearing and hundreds of petition signatures later, Howard Abrams is now back behind his checkout register at the grocery chain's Twinbrook location.


  1. There is a gathering today at 3PM at the Twinbrook Safeway to welcome Howard Abrams back to his post and acknowledge that Safeway did "the right thing". We'll go shopping and then share a big cake and some coffee. All are welcome. Here is a Huffington Post-ing written by a neighbor:

  2. Just wanted to let everyone know that about 20 people braved the cold weather on Saturday afternoon to officially welcome back Howard at the Twinbrook Safeway. We bought a large cake and all the paper plates and other items at the store and went through Howard's line to pay for everything. Ed Mattos got HOT coffee from Dunkin Donuts and that took away some of the chill. Howard was able to take a short break to join us and all who were there signed a big Welcome Back card for Howard. Thanks to all who came by to support him.

  3. Update: Howard stopped by both my house and Ed Mattos' house yesterday to personally thank us for helping him and his wife Simone. (Not sure if he contacted Mike Smith). Howard told me how grateful he and Simone are to ALL OF THE PEOPLE who have supported him and continue to support him while they get back on their feet. And many thanks to Steve Burnham, the President of the Safeway Eastern Division, who kept his promise and visited the Twinbrook Safeway on Friday (March 6th).