Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Murderer at large in Rockville? Police believe an intruder entered Vilardo home through window

Montgomery County Police released a significant piece of information in the investigation of how a Rockville couple were killed at their home this past weekend. Police officers found Richard Vilardo and Julianne Vilardo dead early Sunday afternoon at their Glen Hills home in the 13200 block of Ridge Drive.

The couple was last known to be alive Saturday night, May 9, detectives say. But they've revealed that the presumed killer may have entered the Vilardo home through an unlocked window. The window in question was not broken, but was likely unlatched, they said.

Results from the state medical examiner in Baltimore are still pending, police said yesterday.

The announcement is troubling for the community, as it suggests the possibility that a killer is at large. However, police are not characterizing the situation that way yet, and we can't say for sure until the medical examiner provides more information. It does sound unlikely that this was a domestic dispute, if there is evidence of a third party intruder. That would indeed be of concern to residents, unless it can be determined that this was not a random act of robbery or home invasion.

Anyone with information regarding the deaths of Richard and Julianne Vilardo is asked to contact Montgomery County Police at 301.279.8000.

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