Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rockville adopts new development extension policy

The Mayor and Council approved a new development extension Zoning Text Amendment for Rockville at Monday night's meeting. Under the new regulation, developments that receive extensions from the city can have that time suspended (tolled) while the project is involved in litigation. Once a court decision is handed down, the extension time would resume again.

Developers will also now receive a possible two extensions - the first will be a one-year extension, and the second, a 6-month extension.

Establishing the new policy "gives the applicant an opportunity, and the city, to get all of their ducks in a row. I think this is a good rule for us to have," Councilmember Tom Moore said prior to the vote.

The Mayor and Council voted unanimously to approve the Zoning Text Amendment. A development at 1900 Chapman Avenue filed the ZTA. Its final extension would have expired this August.

Photo: City of Rockville

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