Monday, June 29, 2015

Ted's 355 Diner closed in Rockville (Photos)

Retro yet gleaming, Ted's 355 Diner has been a popular dining destination for those seeking a modern version of yesteryear's diner experience. Alas, the nostalgia is over, as patrons found when they pulled up for a meal this weekend. "What's going on?" "Are they closed?", many asked, before heading back to their vehicles in disappointment.

Indeed, Ted's 355 Diner has closed permanently. It's currently unknown if the space will be leased to another restaurant, or replaced altogether by another structure. The diner has occupied a prominent roadside spot on Rockville Pike for many years.

Here are some photos for history's and posterity's sake:


  1. Nothing about this yet?

    1. This is actually the 2nd time this guy has been in trouble for such a thing