Monday, June 15, 2015

Mellow Mushroom coming to Rockville Town Square (Photos)

Mellow Mushroom, a pizza chain that proudly declares its roots in the hippy culture of the 1970s, is coming to Rockville Town Square. Touting a unique, "Classic Southern pizza," Mellow Mushroom is also promising to bring a craft beer list customized to the Rockville location. One has to wonder if that would include Rockville's own Baying Hound Aleworks...

Mellow Mushroom will have a Beer Club for you to join, and your membership card will earn you points and rewards.

While the general structure of the menu is similar to the typical neighborhood pizza parlor, you'll find whimsical pizza names from the 70s (and earlier) like Magical Mystery Tour and Kosmic Karma. Maybe the Magic Mushroom soup is what you prefer? Or perhaps the decidedly un-Southern menu items like hummus or cheesesteaks?

Mellow Mushroom will be located at 33-A Maryland Avenue, formerly home to Oro Pomodoro.


  1. Horrible location because of the loud, terrible bands right outside the door. Even louder when they open their huge doors to the outside. Screaming kiddies playing in the fountain doesn't help. I give them 18 months.

    1. Somone's a Sourpus McGrumps

  2. Should have great visibility, so being right on the Square has that advantage.

    Gibbs Street is quiet, but there's less activity.

  3. Facebook posting indicates it's also taking over potomac river runnings old spot. Great news!

  4. I'm excited! Grumpy McGrumperson needs to move deeper into isolation apparently. I love the live bands and it always looks like people are having fun.

  5. Sounds like good news to me. I miss Oro Pomodoro, but Mellow Mushroom is a decent replacement. I'll definitely patronize them.

  6. As to June 15 comment, This guy tells it like it is Rockville Town Center from a business standpoint is a poor choice for lunch and night time customers. the general public with no business back ground see people in RTC sites and thinks they are doing good. In the last 4 years how many restaurants and bars are closed.The extreme costs and budgets to make profit in a restaurant/ bar is over $50,000. per week. MM may do $32K/week. Paying RTC $30,000./month and high cost of payroll and food/liquor cost Mellow Mushroom will NEVER last. Not to mention the pay back cost of building out.Oro Pomodoro had great authentic food and couldn't make in that spot. MM took on even bigger space and higher rent. Lets be honest it a pizza joint with high priced pizza. Visit Adams Morgan MM location and witness all the Nefarious activity, and 18 months is very Liberal. Also GB is down in sales close to a $$$$$$$. American Tap room " Crickets", Peter Chang .....Great food limited sales, Bar Louie absolutely lousy service --bartenders on cell phones constantly & way over priced. Live band problems with lady above them. Roof top bar nights stopped. Absolutely no one has lunch sales in RTC. Even Wing place is down. So who wants to go to a bar in RTC. Ask the industry employees who have worked there. The center is dying other than loud family's on weekends. Given all that and Finnegan's Bar and World of Beers Bar is coming. Mellow mushroom is done before opening the doors. Sometimes greedy owner are either uniformed of a shopping area or ignorant of the truth . This owner doesn't have a clue. People having a good time doesn't mean the business is profitable.

  7. 11/21 reply is Spot on with review. Someone in the industry for sure!!!!! RTC is the worst place to put yet another bar.