Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Move by Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet could be huge real estate story (Photos)

Future home of Ourisman Chevrolet
at Wintergreen Plaza
Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet is indeed moving down Rockville Pike to Wintergreen Plaza. An employee of the dealership confirmed the plans, and said the move will likely occur after Labor Day 2016 - which sounds like a long time in the future, given that this isn't an apartment tower that's being built.

The new dealership, currently under construction, will also offer Chevrolet service. Based on the renderings of the future dealership, it will feature the latest Chevrolet facade design, which you may have seen elsewhere in the region. What it won't have, is the huge storage lot the existing Rockmont site has, meaning a lot of that Chevrolet inventory will have to be moved somewhere else.

The larger question, however, is the development potential of the current Ourisman Chevrolet site at MD 355 and Gude Drive. It is one of the largest auto dealerships on this side of the county, making the site a sure target for redevelopment.


  1. The Planning Commission members are appointed by the Mayor and Council. Its obvious the Planning Commission takes a very anti-growth approach to each and every new development plan that it reviews. Some of the members are so openly against any type of new development, it makes you wonder how and why they serve on the Commission other than to actively oppose new projects. The Planning Commission spends more time bickering over mindless issues its no wonder citizens of Rockville are beginning to take notice. For example, they have spent an inordinate amount of time and money on the Rockville Pike plan and continue to delay its unfolding. I think its time to hold the City Council accountable for appointing individuals to the Commission who put their own individual priorities and agendas ahead of the citizens of Rockville. All you have to do is spend 15 minutes watching these "Commissioners" at work and you will understand this perspective. Several of the commissioners simply like to hear themselves prognosticate on some of the most mindless and ridiculous issues (Leiderman). Its time for the Council to begin appointing more balanced, knowledgeable individuals to the Commission who will not continuously put their own personal agendas ahead of the citizens.

  2. R.D. your speculative assumptions do run wild many times. The reason Ourisman has built this particular location is visibility. The current Route 355/Gude Drive site is not on the desired beaten retail path, hence the new spot. The new spot cannot hold the needed inventory held on the current location. This parcel will more than likely remain in their inventory of land.

  3. 5:04: Are you an Ourisman owner or employee? If not, how does your anonymous comment have more authority than my article, which was verified by an actual employee of the dealership?

    Of course the new site can't hold the inventory - and I just happened to clearly mention that in the article. To say the current site is valuable real estate for redevelopment is not "wildly speculative" in the least, except to competing news outlets who missed this significant story.

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