Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Giammo seeks answers on Carver controversy from Rockville city attorney

Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton brought a request from former Rockville mayor Larry Giammo to the floor during Old/New Business at last night's Mayor and Council meeting. Giammo is requesting that the City Attorney give definitive answers to two legal questions regarding Montgomery County's plan to use the historic Carver Educational Center as a bus depot.

The questions regard which legislative body has jurisdiction in this case (several at the meeting said they believe the Montgomery County Council is that body), and a clarification on the Rockville Historic District Commission's legal role and authority in reviewing the County's request.

Newton asked City Attorney Debra Yerg Daniel to respond to Giammo's request. Councilmember Mark Pierzchala initially objected to Newton unilaterally making the request, saying such a direction to City staff could only come from the body as a whole. He ultimately made a motion to direct the City Attorney to respond to Giammo's request, which passed unanimously.

Pierzchala also requested that the Carver Coalition citizen group that opposes the depot be able to get its many legal questions answered definitively, as well.

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