Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Abandoned Twinbrook Safeway (Photos)

The vacant former Safeway store at the Twinbrook Shopping Center may have been stripped of exterior signage, but inside it still very much looks like a grocery store. Just without any groceries on the shelves.

Interestingly, the lights are still on inside. This was not the classic Safeway store design like that found in Damascus, which ended up being demolished. All contents were auctioned off prior to demolition.

This situation looks more like that at the old Magruder's in College Plaza. That store was put up for lease, and the new tenant utilized the leftover checkouts and even shopping carts when it opened. Other than a potential redevelopment of the shopping center, the question here is, will it be a new grocery store chain or an ethnic grocery store?


  1. The neighborhood seems to think it's going to become an H-Mart.

  2. The "classic" Safeway design was abandoned years ago. If you'd noticed the replacement Twinbrook Safeway on Rockville Pike has the new modern look of the chain. Second, it still should look like a grocery store because, well it is. Third, most vacant leased retail and office complexes leave their lights on for safety and security purposes. What's left in the space is the equipment that does not convey, and is under ownership of the property owner. The sales terminals you see are missing, thus property of Safeway. Take note for future reference. Finally, should another grocery chain occupy the space it will be just another chain, not a "new" chain. There are no new grocery chains in the industry, just those not in this market/region.