Thursday, July 14, 2016

Okay, so this is what is going on at Congressional Plaza (Photos)

The mystery digging and construction work at Congressional Plaza makes a bit more sense, now that the shopping center has posted a rendering of what the result is supposed to be when the project is finished. Also, the work is not purely cosmetic. A new restaurant tenant, Modern Market, is joining the lineup.

Modern Market will open its first D.C. area location at Bethesda Row, another Federal Realty property, in mid-August. This Rockville location will open later this year. The chain emphasizes healthy eating, and serves those on a variety of specialty diets, including vegan, paleo, low carb/high carb, celiac, South Beach, and low-GCI.

Their ingredients are farm-sourced, and will offer coffee, bread and beer from Washington, D.C. Modern Market serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  1. You could do your readers a service by removing the "EAST DUMPLING HOUSE MENU (PHOTOS) GRAND OPENING ROCKVILLE, MD" article from the lead spot. This thing is over a year old now and not so grand. Is that a PAID position on your blog board?