Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet expected to move to Wintergreen Plaza by November

Construction on the future Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet dealership at Wintergreen Plaza in Rockville continues, and it's now larger than the renderings suggested. The moving schedule is starting to firm up, as well. A source at the dealership says they will likely have completed their move by this November.

Here's the interesting twist: One might expect the land the dealership currently sits on at 15301 N. Frederick Road to go up for sale, potentially opening up a prime redevelopment opportunity at a major crossroads. Instead, the land is now for lease by Avison Young.

Will the landmark giant U.S. flag make the move south, as well? Stay tuned.


  1. Sorry, but the flag does not fit into the sign ordinance for the new location. The flag in Veterans Park however does fit.

  2. Nothing has been finalized but what I've heard from the staff there is that they are considering moving the flag and the pole to the new building. Of note, the move is scheduled in September, not November. Also, the owners signed a new lease on the Rockmont site. The body shop and wholesale parts will remain. The lot will hold overstock from both WV/Mazda and Chevrolet as well as vehicles from Enterprise rentals.