Thursday, July 7, 2016

Applicant seeks delay for new Rockville Pike car rental business

Enteprise Rent-a-Car is asking the Rockville Planning Commission to grant it an extension from its approved site plan for 702 Rockville Pike. The company plans to convert the former Century Ford commercial truck sales property to a car rental facility, and add a 1-story car wash to the rear.

When the commission gave Enterprise its site plan approval on July 23, 2014, it had two years to begin construction. Applicants can request two extensions, which together cannot exceed 18 months.

In this case, when the commission approved the site plan, the plan was configured to comply with a demand by the Maryland State Highway Administration that the existing curb cut on the Pike side of the property be permanently closed. Through negotiations with Enterprise since, the SHA has withdrawn its objection to Pike access for the rental business.

The delay is required to now reconfigure the plan for access from the Pike. To do that, Enterprise must first get approval from City zoning chief Jim Wasilak on a minor plan amendment it has filed. While Enterprise expects to receive approval, attorney Stuart Barr says, it cannot get it if the site plan period expires later this month prior to Wasilak's decision.

The commission will take up the request at its July 13 meeting, scheduled for 7:00 PM at City Hall. Commissioners will also issue a recommendation on a controversial small cell tower zoning text amendment that evening.

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