Monday, July 18, 2016

East Grill Karaoke, Class 520 Thai ice cream rolls coming to Rockville Town Center (Photos)

Two new dining options are coming to Rockville's Town Center. East Grill Karaoke is moving into the Courthouse Center shopping center at 12 N. Washington Street. And a new ice cream shop called Class 520 is taking over the former My Vapez space at 5 Dawson Avenue. The store will offer handcrafted Thai ice cream rolls.
Future home of
Class 520
Is this the first place to offer Thai ice cream rolls in Rockville, or just the first one I've heard of? These are also known as stir-fried ice cream, a way of making ice cream that originated in Thailand.

Here is a video showing how the rolls are made.


  1. Rockville has now become Asia Minor. The boat people are taking over the town. The next Mayor could be Kim Jong-Un.

    1. I would say the growth of the Asian population and businesses have been a major positive for Rockville. The many outstanding restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, etc. attract many people who might otherwise not drive to Rockville, who then spend money at other businesses while they are here. Richard Montgomery HS owes much of its national reputation and recognition to the achievements of its Asian students. I don't see how this is a negative. As far as "the next Mayor," Council or boards and commissions, I'd say, yes, it is about time they started to "look like Rockville" in terms of the Asian community having representation on them.

  2. This addition should really boost the moribund MoCo economy. Asian buying power is tremendous.