Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Rockville McDonald's gets more than a makeover (Photos)

Now it's clear why the McDonald's at 1390 Rockville Pike had to close for an extended period for its renovations. The building looks nothing like it did before. In place of the traditional McDonald's one-story design is a building now two stories in height. The cream-colored exterior walls and brown roof are now replaced with a monotone beige with dark brown accents. Drive-thru windows remain in the same spot, but now have small canopies directly over the windows, instead of the angled overhang of the original building's roof.

Inside, you will find another transformation. Darker floor tiles and lighter interior walls complete the redesign. There is still an outdoor seating area at the front. The famous Golden Arches and delicious foods remain the same. Annoy the Fellow Travelers on the Montgomery County Council, and stop by for a an All-American meal today.


  1. Delicious food? Did you find some special mushrooms to put on your Big Mac?

    Don’t understand why the council would care if you or anybody else eats there. You think about and post about Cartel constantly. Why?

  2. Clever take Robert, thank you, now I want some McDonalds.

  3. "delicious foods"


  4. Robert. Not everything is about you. I doubt the DEEP STATE spends time thinking about you and what you eat.

    Please stick to food reporting and leave the political stuff to actual politicos.

    And for heavens sake it is McDonald's not some Michelin Star restaurant how exciting can it be? Oh and that "Good American Food" bit quoting Trump.. HA HA

  5. "Annoy the Fellow Travelers on the Montgomery County Council, and stop by for a an All-American meal today."

    You imagine that the nine County Council members somehow receive notification every time a county resident orders a meal at McDonalds?