Monday, March 18, 2019

Performance Bicycle closes at Congressional Plaza

Performance Bicycle Shop has closed at Congressional Plaza. The closure was expected, as I reported last December. Everything has been cleared out of the space. It's especially notable that just as Montgomery County claims bicycle use is surging, bike shops across our moribund county are closing, including here and in downtown Bethesda.


  1. Sigh here we go again.

    Is this because the County is moribund? Or is because the company is closing all of the stores nationwide?

  2. You keep avoiding this and it does not answer the question. The question was about the bike store only. Is it because all company is closing ALL store or because the County is moribund.

    You can't blame the shuttering of the bike store on the County. Only facts don't really matter to you. You dig at the County government every chance you have if it isn't true. And for heaven's sake learn a new word and