Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Rockville acquires 6 Taft Court property

The City of Rockville has completed its purchase of 6 Taft Court, a 2.29 acre property that includes a 64,995-square-foot, three-story building. It is located in the industrial area along Gude Drive, and will relieve overcrowding at the present location of the city’s maintenance and emergency operations, the city announced Tuesday.

Those functions are currently housed at the city's Gude Drive Maintenance Facility on Rothgeb Drive. However, that facility has grown too small for these expanding divisions. It was never meant to hold two different departments of government when constructed, and is not ADA-compliant.

The city plans to move snow removal, street maintenance, recycling and refuse, parks and facilities maintenance operations, as well as water, sewer and stormwater maintenance, and other public services to 6 Taft Court. Emergency operations, as well as some storage and maintenance functions, will remain at 14625 Rothgeb Drive. As a bonus, vehicular access exists between the two properties, which are adjacent.

Rockville paid $5.88 million for the property to seller M8 Property Group, LLC — $220,000 less than the appraised value. That's quite a contrast to Montgomery County, which often overpays landowners who contribute to elected officials' campaigns when acquiring property, and sells public land to developers at sweetheart low prices.


  1. 6 Taft Ct stands in the right of way for a future extension to the redevelopment of RedGate Golf Course and the future MCPS Bus Depot there. Taft Ct is one of the two main access to the property and will likely be improved to Gude Drive with 4 lanes. The office building is a great temporary use of the right of way and now there are no obstacles to redeveloping RedGate, which could be worth $25-30 million to the City depending on zoning and how much the sell off.

  2. wow! I bet that such properties cost a lot.

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