Monday, April 15, 2019

Crave closed at Montgomery Mall, Cinnabon opens

Crave American Kitchen & Sushi Bar has closed at Westfield Montgomery Mall. The closure leaves a large dining space vacant, which could be turned into a winning opportunity by Westfield if they can attract another big name on the level of next-door neighbor The Cheesecake Factory. With the planned addition of Olive Garden at Westfield's Wheaton Plaza clearly having fallen through, I would strongly urge them to pursue an Olive Garden here.

Is the Crave spot a bad location? No, because Cheesecake Factory has been tremendously successful in the adjacent space. While Crave had a wide-ranging menu with mass appeal for the mall-going crowd, other issues appear to have done them in. The restaurant rarely appeared crowded when I passed it.
Packing crates inside Crave Sunday

Last call at the bar

Would you like to see an
Olive Garden in this space?
In other mall news, as I reported Friday, Cinnabon opened this weekend in the Dining Terrace. And the long painful exit of Gymboree has finally come to an end. They have closed, and their space is being cleared out.


  1. Robert said "And the long painful exit of Gymboree has finally come to an end".

    Why is your world so full of drama and hyperbole?

    1. Says the middle-aged man who is all worked up over the description of the closing of a Gymboree.

    2. 10:59am needs to get a job.
      He spends too much time commenting on the fruits of Dyer's labors here.

  2. they should make a lounge like hookah bar or something

  3. I would rather see it empty versus seeing an Olive Garden there. I would rather see every storefront in the county empty vs. an Olive Garden.

  4. 1:20 PM YES. I"d much rather see independently owned restaurants over chains especially places like Olive Garden.

    Ask Robert and he would want more Chic-fil-A or MacDonald's because of course they are much more healthy than any other food.

  5. Olive Garden is just a crappy chain like all the rest.

  6. Again. More bullshit from anonymous commenters. Stop being pussies. If you don't like Robert's blog then go some place else.