Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mattress Warehouse to move at Metro Pike Center in Rockville

Metro Pike Center has finally found a tenant for the long-vacant Jennifer Convertibles space at 11520-A Rockville Pike. Mattress Warehouse has signed a lease with property owner Saul Centers for the space. Construction is just getting underway inside the future mattress showroom. Mattress Warehouse currently has a larger existing store at Metro Pike Center, at 11550 Rockville Pike.

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  1. Mattress stores like carpet stores are a dime a dozen. Just how many bedding stores can the 355 corridor support? Seems a little fishy to me like they are all one big umbrella company. Money laundering anybody?

  2. Every day I wake up and Dyer is reporting on another mattress store moving 200 feet in the same shopping center!

    EDIT: "In Rockville"