Thursday, April 4, 2019

Hot Pot City construction update

There has been significant progress inside the future Hot Pot City, located on "Regal Row" at 199 E. Montgomery Avenue in Rockville. Lighting fixtures resembling Chinese lanterns are in place, as is the bar and a wall with the restaurant's logo and statuary. This was formerly Tara Asia's spot.

Montgomery County headlines:

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  1. Thus, no great loss with the departure of Little Hot Pot in the RTC.

  2. That is crazy! How many Hot Pot restaurants can this area support? Little Dipper Hot Pot was doing fine until the one on Maryland and Middle came in then LDHP went belly up.

    Now there is a new one by Cal Tort. Does that mean the one on Middle with go poof? Then another one comes in and the one on Regal Row go bye bye.

    Wish we could get a Little Anita's out here.

    1. Where have you been? The one on Middle Lane went poof two months ago.

  3. You mean the Pearl Lady or that Ramen place? I don’t like bubble tea or hot pot ramen so I haven’t really kept up.

    My cousin says there is a sushi place there now but I’m not really a fan.

    Much rather have Thai, Indian, or Mexican