Monday, April 8, 2019

Quarter Pounder Deluxe returns to McDonald's

It's been awhile since McDonald's had a Deluxe Quarter Pounder on the menu. Or any burger topped with mayonnaise, for that matter. Even the venerable Daily Double is no longer recognized as a secret menu item. But McDonald's has just brought back the Deluxe Quarter Pounder - with a few changes.

First, the name has changed. It's now called, "Quarter Pounder Deluxe," instead of Deluxe Quarter Pounder.

Second, it now features a freshly cooked beef patty. Patties were still frozen when the Deluxe was last on the menu.

Third, it features Roma tomatoes, almost unheard of for a fast food burger.

Fourth, and most importantly, they have added ketchup as a topping on the Deluxe. McDonald's hasn't offered a burger topped with both ketchup and mayonnaise together since the much-missed Big and Tasty. This gives the Deluxe a Whopper-style flavor.

Whole leaf lettuce, raw onion, pickles and two slices of American cheese round out the Deluxe toppings. At $5.99, it's mighty pricey for a single-patty burger, though.


  1. Ketchup AND Mayo? Earth shattering news worthy of a Pulitzer

  2. It's got mustard on it as well