Friday, April 19, 2019

More "signs" of Barnes & Noble moving to Congressional Plaza in Rockville

Barnes & Noble won't be moving from Montrose Crossing to Congressional Plaza for more than another year. But their first "Coming Soon" signage has already gone up at their future space. Barnes & Noble is currently scheduled to downsize into this new format store in the summer of 2020.


  1. So it looks like this will occupy the former Chico's store. That would have been useful information for your readers.

    And it looks like it will occupy that site only. So that's definitely a switch to a small-format store. That would have also been useful for your readers.

    1. 10:48: This is the second article in which I've stated it is a smaller store in B&N's new format. In fact, I was the first reporter to report that fact. If you read all the other articles on the move, you would think this store was going to be as big as the current one.

      Did you even read the article above before trolling?

  2. Hey, Anonymous at 10:48 AM on 4/19, get some balls. Quit trolling. POS. All of you anonymous posters drive me crazy.