Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Barnes & Noble Rockville store moving to Congressional Plaza (Photos)

Barnes & Noble will be moving its Rockville store from Montrose Crossing to Congressional Plaza next year. Federal Realty, which owns both shopping centers, has confirmed the move. This explains the recent relocations of several tenants at the shopping center from the wing on the north side of the property, which is where Barnes & Noble will be located.
Coming Soon signage in empty storefronts
for the future Barnes & Noble at
Congressional Plaza
What hasn't been announced yet is that the new Congressional Plaza location will be one of Barnes & Noble's new format stores, similar to the one it is opening at the Mosaic District in Northern Virginia. These stores are smaller in size, while still offering a cafe for customers unlike competitor Amazon Books at Federal Realty's Bethesda Row property.


  1. So what's going to happen to that building, with both Barnes & Noble and Hudson Trail Outfitters gone? Will it become Pike & Rose II?

    And what will happen to the rest of the north side of Congressional Plaza, with two stores closed and two others relocated?

    1. Rumor has it that shopping center will be redeveloped into a mixed use (residential+commercial property). I'd guess the Giant might move into Shoppers in Kensington (since they're shutting down their consumer-facing grocery retail business)

    2. Shutting-down their consumer-facing business? Please explain.

    3. 2:19: Barnes & Noble will take up at least several vacant storefronts on the north side, if not all of them. From what I hear, the Barnes & Noble building at Montrose Crossing will remain a retail building for the near future. I don't think Federal Realty is in a rush to redevelop that shopping center before finishing Pike & Rose.

  2. Careful, when you think it can be dangerous. Especially in a moribund economy.