Monday, April 22, 2019

Dream Aero Flight Simulator coming to Westfield Montgomery Mall in 2020

Westfield Montgomery Mall patrons will take to the skies next year without leaving the Bethesda mall. Dream Aero, a flight simulator similar to those used to train actual pilots, will arrive at a location on Level 3. Level 3? Could this be replacing the long-delayed Japanese steakhouse outside the ArcLight Cinemas? That's the only space available on Level 3.

Dream Aero is currently available in malls in places like Dubai and Moscow, where it provides an accurate simulation of flying a Boeing 737. It's an authentic closed-cockpit, moving simulator just like professional pilots use. Sessions are priced by length of time, with VIPs getting 120 minutes behind the controls. Westfield says more details about the specifics of their flight simulator operation will be available in the future. But for now, this sounds like a great innovation to add to Montgomery Mall as another entertainment option.

Also coming sooner to the mall are Eyebobs and Windsor. To be located on Level 2 in the Macy's wing, Eyebobs is an "irreverent" eyewear retailer opening this summer. Windsor is a women's apparel and accessories boutique, and will open this fall on Level 1 in the Old Navy wing.

Photos courtesy Westfield


  1. Can't wait for my first flight. With the craft being a 737 (hopefully a Max version) I will dive boom it into the CinaBon. KAABOOM!!

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  3. Why can't you answer the question about your network? I know somebody who is looking for a job, and what better place to work than the only hyper local news organization like yours?

    Or do run this solo with no employees?