Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Sears Gaithersburg closing, company spokesperson confirms

The Sears store in Gaithersburg will close by mid-December 2019, Sears/Kmart Public Relations Director Larry Costello confirmed to Suburban News Network, publisher of RockvilleNights.com. Located at Lakeforest Mall, the Gaithersburg store appeared on a list making the rounds of national news organizations, Reddit and Facebook groups, but the impending closure had not been officially confirmed by Sears until now.

Costello said a liquidation sale will begin mid-September at the Gaithersburg Sears and Stevensville Kmart stores. One Sears store in White Oak, and a Sears appliance outlet in Wheaton, will remain in Montgomery County after the Gaithersburg store has closed.


  1. End of an era!

  2. "confirmed to Suburban News Network, publisher of RockvilleNights.com."

    They reported it to one of your staff? LOL

  3. Sears will be missed! Great seasonal selections.

  4. Great report with the details and official comment!

    1. Yay! Robert gets an gold sticker!

  5. I grew up going to Lakeforest in 1980s and 1990s but this Mall needs to be shut down.It's not the same place it was back in late 1970s through mid 1990s.Sad in a way but it's been a magnat for crime and vagrants for a awhile now.