Monday, September 2, 2019

TPB approves funding to improve Stonestreet pedestrian access to Rockville Metro

Park Road near the Rockville Metro station
The National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments has approved $280,000 in funds to provide better pedestrian and bicycle access to the Rockville Metro station from the east side. They especially focus on the area of Park Road between N. Stonestreet Avenue and S. Stonestreet Avenue.

Including wider sidewalks, a new intersection alignment, and bike lanes, the improvements were among the recommendations of the Stonestreet Corridor Study. They also again show the benefit of Rockville having an active seat at the table - Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton has been a member of the TPB, and was elected as its chair for 2017.


  1. Anyone know what the alignment will be? Are they going with the traffic circle option?

  2. Improve pedestrian safety? The war on cars continues.

  3. The war on pedestrians and bikers has been ongoing.

    Bow to your lower-carbon-output overlords! :-)

  4. Robert doesn’t use public transportation therefore it shouldn’t exist

    1. I have definitively used public transportation more than our entire County Council combined. Remember how they needed to do a special week where they were coached on how to use transit.

      Reminds me of the time they were taken around the grocery store by coaches to teach them how to live on $5 a day. We need leaders who have actually used transit extensively, and have enough common sense to buy a (at that time) $1 store brand bread and a jar of peanut butter.

      No wonder the County's finances are going down the toilet. Stand by for the next AAA bond warning out of New York.

    2. "Definitively"? Is that even a word?

      How did we get from transit (I thought there was none in Westbard?) to peanut butter to the County's bond rating?

  5. Yup. It was funny and sad at the same time when our Councilmen made such a a big deal about walking to a Ride On bus stop. Waiting for a bus, etc.

    They were like "wow, I had to walk a few blocks" LOL