Sunday, June 16, 2024

Ann Taylor closes at Montgomery Mall in Bethesda

Ann Taylor
has closed at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda. This store managed to survive the 2017 purge of Ann Taylor store closures, as well as the pandemic, so it's surprising to see it go now. Yet Ann Taylor stores in more-business-friendly and economically-vibrant Tysons, Pentagon City, Fair Oaks Mall, and Dulles Town Center remain open. 

It's tough to remain a going concern when the local economy is stagnant, and ever-increasing taxes and fees eat away at already-slim profit margins. Ann Taylor appears to be the latest victim. All the store workers now find themselves unemployed. Let's say it together: "Moribund Montgomery County."


  1. Constant increase in crime at Montgomery Mall as well; total political, cultural and economic failure. Left wing ideology groups that have no practical governance skills and praise each other’s failure and promote nonsense that is nothing but sloganeering sans substance. You get the government you deserve Moco Dems. The schools west of 270 are starting to implode as well and that will spell the end of what little respectability MCPS has anymore. Chief Jones is a GREAT guy and the POS CE did not support him as his Chief should tell you what a great man he really is.