Thursday, June 20, 2024

Criminals steal golf cart, force entry to apartment during 35-min. crime spree on Rockville street

Something attracted between eight and eleven alleged criminals to a quiet residential street in Rockville on the afternoon of June 13, 2024. Rockville City police report that two suspects stole a golf cart parked at an apartment complex in the 400 block of College Parkway at 3:45 PM. Exactly thirty-five minutes later, police allege, eight to nine suspects forced their way into a vacant apartment a block away in the 500 block of College Parkway. 

The apartment burglars are only identified as "8-9 juveniles." No physical description or ages of the two suspected of grand theft golf cart has been released. It is unknown if the two sets of suspects are part of the same group as of this writing. Both crimes were committed in broad daylight. If you have any information about either incident, or any of the suspects involved, you are asked to call police at 240-314-8900.


  1. School's out and idiol kids out creating mischief. Find the parents, end of story. Move along.

  2. Find the parents that’s a good one..