Thursday, March 19, 2020

Montgomery Mall temporarily closes "majority of our shopping center operations" due to coronavirus

Westfield announced it has temporarily closed the "majority of our shopping center operations" at both Montgomery Mall in Bethesda and Wheaton Plaza "to further contribute to the fight against this pandemic," the mall operator said in a statement. This was among the latest, and largest-scale, retail closures due to the spread of the coronavirus in Montgomery County. "Essential retailers" may remain independently open at both malls, Westfield said, but did not provide a list of open businesses at either property.
However, the websites for both malls appear to indicate on the "Stores" list which businesses are open, and which are closed. For example, the dry cleaners at Montgomery Mall is listed as open, as is Dick's Sporting Goods at Wheaton Plaza. Other businesses say, "Closed," where the hours should be. But Westfield recommends you call ahead to confirm if the specific business you wish to patronize is actually open, and what their hours are, as this is subject to change at any time as the covid-19 crisis continues to rapidly develop.

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