Monday, March 16, 2020

Maryland orders bars, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms to close to prevent coronavirus spread

Warning the coronavirus pandemic will be "much harder [and] take much longer" than the public may realize, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced he is taking "drastic actions right now," that will be "terribly disruptive, but absolutely necessary." Hogan ordered all Maryland bars, restaurants, movie theaters and gyms to close indefinitely by 5:00 PM today. He said curbside pickup and drive-thru food sales could continue as normal.

Hogan also banned the holding of events of more than 50 people. Two-hundred and fifty Maryland State Troopers are being deployed to enforce these orders, as well as address any other law enforcement matters during the pandemic, he said, stressing that the closures and bans will be vigorously enforced.

All grocery stores, pharmacies and banks are remain open, Hogan said. The governor said he has ordered an immediate assessment of which currently-closed hospital facilities across the state can be reopened. Hogan suggested such actions could potentially add up to 6000 additional hospital beds, which are currently too few to meet the demand of the worst-case scenario with covid-19.

Hogan also activated the Maryland Medical Reserve Corps this morning. In addition, he said any physician with an active out-of-state medical license, or an expired Maryland license, will be allowed to practice medicine during the coronavirus crisis.

A thousand Maryland National Guard troops have been deployed this morning for the pandemic, and Hogan said another 1200 are on immediate standby. The governor enacted an executive order preventing any utility, including cable companies, from cutting off service to any customer statewide. Hogan also barred landlords from evicting tenants until further notice.

The state has applied for federal relief regarding meals for needy students. Hogan said the Trump administration has made it possible for Maryland to now provide three meals a day, and a snack to every child who needs them statewide.


  1. Asked today whether the mistakes and slow start to Covid 19 testing by the CDC and FDA was President Trump's fault, Dr Anthony Fauci said "absolutely not,it was a series of events which any President would have run into,and no it was not President Trump's fault "

    1. Oh but it is HIS FAULT! You, DT, are the commander in chief and the buck stops and starts with you. The "National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense" and its entire team was shutdown by this president, who considered it a waste of money.

  2. Dr Anthony Fauci who is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases at the National institute of Health and has been called the "Nations leading expert on infectious diseases" in the New York Times has said President Trump is not at fault for the delay in CDC and FDA testing, that's good enough for me.

    And the Fake news media reported that The United states was offered Covid 19 testing by The WHO which has also been proven to be a lie.

    1. Really? Post the link so I can read about it