Sunday, March 15, 2020

Some Montgomery County businesses close, gym confirms member has coronavirus

The first coronavirus-related business closures in Montgomery County have occurred. The Apple Stores at Bethesda Row and Westfield Montgomery Mall have closed until March 27, 2020. Apple is closing all of its stores outside of China until that date. Mynd Spa & Salon at Pike & Rose announced at the close of business last night that it would close indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.
While those businesses closed to avoid employees and customers contracting covid-19, upscale gym Equinox in Bethesda already had a member who did. WUSA-9 reported that the Bethesda Row fitness facility confirmed a member tested positive for coronavirus after last working out there on March 9. Some employees and members of the gym expressed anxiety over its decision not to temporarily close, and WUSA-9 cited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that suggest a 24-hour closure is needed before an exposure site can be disinfected.

Mall operator Westfield released identical statements regarding its Montgomery Mall and Wheaton Plaza properties Saturday. Westfield stressed that both retail centers remain open, but that it will allow individual tenants to change hours or close as needed to protect their staff and patrons. The company added that the open status of the mall could change if the CDC or government authorities request such gathering places be closed.

President Trump announced he tested negative for coronavirus on Saturday. The United Kingdom announced citizens 70 and older would be asked to self-isolate in the near future, but Maryland Larry Hogan had long ago recommended Marylanders 60 and older do just that to avoid exposure to the virus.

Some of the business closures appear to be driven by the same magical thinking of local politicians that schools would somehow be able to reopen in only two weeks. That will almost certainly not be the case. Testing locally and nationally remains inadequate, and as a result, we have no true sense of how far and how rapidly covid-19 has spread in our county and region yet. But no credible medical professional believes this will blow over in two weeks. "I'm not an epidemiologist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."


  1. The President is a pathological LIAR, and probably is a rabid carrier of this disease. You can't trust anything he tells us.

    1. Schengen Area in European Union closing down,European Countries are finding out that borders are a good thing.who would've thunk it?

  2. Thank you to Rockville Nights Blog for keeping us up to date on important news stories in Montgomery County.

  3. Let's just let China continue to make all of our medications and medical devices,China is our friend,its a Global economy now!

    Yeee haawww!