Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Proposed new Rockville neighborhood could have 1900 housing units (Photos)

The Rockville Planning Commission will be briefed tonight on the Shady Grove Neighborhood Center, a mixed-use project proposed by applicant Lantian/1788 Shady Grove 31 II, LLC. City staff says that caveats in the submitted Project Plan could wind up allowing 1900 housing units to be constructed on the 31 acre property. The site is located along Shady Grove Road, between Choke Cherry Road and Gaither Road.
Map showing locations of
green space at the proposed
Other elements of the plan include 850,000 SF of retail, office, hotel and institutional uses, such as a nursing home. A "central green" and other small park sites will be located around the 330 townhomes at the development. Maximum building heights will be 85', according to a letter from the applicant's attorneys. A hotel and grocery store are shown on the plan map at the top of this article.

Tonight's meeting will begin at 7:00 PM in the Mayor and Council chambers in City Hall. It will be televised on Rockville Channel 11.


  1. Another 300 - 400 kids that will flood our already overcrowded schools... but as Team Rockville city council candidates like to say... So what, it not our problem!