Monday, October 29, 2018

Rockville Aldi to open Thursday

Rockville lost a grocery store this past weekend, but it's gaining one later this week. Aldi will open in the former hhgregg/Circuit City building in the Congressional North shopping center on Rockville Pike this Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 8:00 AM.

This is the first Aldi store in Rockville. As you can see, the store's team has already been at work stocking the shelves. Get your quarters ready for a Supermarket Sweep this Thursday.

The first name on your ballot for County Council At-Large
is also the only name the MoCo cartel fears. All four of
Robert's Democrat opponents have taken thousands of
dollars from developers, who totally control them. 
CLICK HERE to restore a County run by the citizens,
not the developers. Early voting underway now
at the Montgomery County Executive Building in


  1. Seated cashiers are so German. Will they be absurdly polite without smiling as well?

  2. I'm voting for you Robert!

  3. "the only name the MoCo cartel fears."

    Megalomania Alert!

    1. Can you name someone else they fear who is running in this election?

  4. That doesn't answer 9:16 PM's question. The fact that they don't fear anybody else who is running has nothing to do with their fear or lack there of you.

    What can you, and you alone to frighten the cartels? They are multi million or billion dollar operations with a deep network and deep pockets.

    You yourself can't fight them. They have no respect for the law or human life. It doesn't matter to them who gets hurt in the process.

    No matter how much you do, you are only one person. I can't see the rest of the council working with you.

    Get more Republicans to run, and maybe you have a chance. Sorry Robert, you alone can't fix it.

    1. Just by me being elected the Council would have to move to a more moderate position on issues. Every Council seat would now be vulnerable to being taken by a Republican or Independent. It happened in Arlington County with the streetcar issue, and it can happen here, unless people decide they are willing to destroy themselves, their children and their neighborhood just to have 9 Democrats on the Council.

      Trust me, the cartel wouldn't be paying people to start competing websites if they weren't scared of me and my message. They also have their operatives post nasty comments on my websites as part of their Astroturf PR effort. Notice no other website, candidate or journalist in the County receives similar abuse. It speaks for itself.

    2. Or we could move, which I will be doing in a few years. Sorry, the loonies can have this nuthouse.

  5. So did anybody go to the grand opening? I plan on checking it out this weekend, but I suspect it might be swamped, so I might not go until next week.