Thursday, October 18, 2018

Drybar to open in Rockville

Drybar will round out the retail spaces in the ground floor of the Canopy by Hilton hotel at Pike & Rose. The popular blowout salon will open at 11861 Grand Park Avenue next spring. Their 1705 SF space will be next to Sunday Morning Bakehouse and UNIQLO.

This will be only the fifth Drybar in the D.C. area. Drybar pioneered the trend of having adult beverages at salons, which required an update to Montgomery County and Maryland's archaic liquor laws, which became known as "the Drybar bill" when it passed in Annapolis.

Photos courtesy Drybar


  1. More copypasta from the Bethesda blog.

    And Pike & Rose is in North Bethesda, not "in Rockville" as your two headlines proclaim

    1. Another sad day for you, a middle-aged man trying to sound cool using 5-year-old teen lingo. What happened on South Park today, hobo? Or is it time for Adult Swim?

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